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Two for the Road: an Adam Fraley Mystery

perpetual penitentTwo private eyes, engaged to one another, take on two unrelated missing person cases that unexpectedly place them on a collision course.

Private investigator Adam Fraley and his associate, Tamra Fugit, the woman to whom he is engaged, travel vastly different paths, as they take on two seemingly unrelated missing person cases. The trails take them through idyllic lands darkened by underworld intrigue, twisted relationships, carnal temptation, physical danger, and personal tragedy. Little do the investigators realize that the two roads they are traveling eventually will come crashing together in a manner entirely unexpected, testing not only their professional skills, but their personal faith in each other.


perpetual penitent

The Perpetual Penitent: an Adam Fraley Mystery
Fraley’s search for a missing man grieving the loss of his daughter takes the detective to remote regions of Haiti where he discovers he is not the only one in search of the father.

"One of the most reader-friendly mystery series that I've encountered in all my years in the reviewing game."
--Phil Jason, Book Reviewer, Florida Weekly

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The Ephemeral File

The Ephemeral File: an Adam Fraley Mystery
In the catalog of major crimes, private investigator Adam Fraley stumbles upon one of the rarest.


"...master of the genre"
---Midwest Book Review


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